We often get to know about the amount of sacrifices women have to make in order to survive in their daily life. While women still trying hard for gender equality , there is a country where women are so dominant that they forcefully have sex with men.

Yes this is true and that country is Northern Nigeria . In this country women have the huge liberty in every aspect. They are free to do whatever they want. Women are the decision maker in every case. 

Men in this country have to struggle with atrocity. Men are having so many restrictions here. They can not walk freely on the streets, They must cover their whole face except of eyes and nose before leaving the house.

Also men are not allowed to divorce his wife in any case but at the same time women can divorce him anytime she wants.

Men can never have sex before marriage and if caught they suffer a great punishment for that but at the same time women are free to have sexual relationships without marriage as well.


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